Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Web Searches On VBS

As you can see at the bottom of this web page, I use SiteMeter to track how many visit my blog site. Site Meter tells me more than just how many people visit my site. It also tells me how you might have found my site, particularly if you used a search engine. This gives me valuable information as to what people are looking for.

However, fortunately for your security, it doesn’t tell who you are, what your email address is or any other personal information. Yet once in awhile, I see what people are looking for in their searches and I know resources that will help you! I wish there was a way I could get back to my readers!

Two searches particularly caught my eye. Someone was looking for VBS material on the life of King David. I just finished a unit of study for The Salvation Army called Growth Signs. This unit of study combines study of the fruit of the Spirit with stories from the lives of King Saul and Kind David. Use the link on the right to find out more. The website HopeShare doesn’t mention this material; however, you can use the email on that page to get more information. Please mention how you found out about Growth Signs.

Someone else was looking for VBS material with an Egyptian theme. Standard Publishing (see link on the right) did a VBS curriculum in 2003 called “Treasures of the Nile.” In my opinion, it was one of the finest VBS programs I’ve seen before or since. Follow the link to Standard Publishing and contact them to see if they still have material left from that year. Standard is in the process of remaking some of their previous units to use in their Anytime VBS series. I don’t know if they have plans to revisit this program or not. If you are interested – ask!

I’ve seen a number of searches for craft and snack ideas. There are many websites with wonderful craft and activity ideas. This blog could quickly become an idea shop, but that is not the vision I have for this blog. I intend for this blog to be an open forum where I can share my experiences as a teacher – what has worked and what worked for me. I want to encourage my fellow teachers to be the best they can be in serving the children of our generation, so we can follow the mandate of 2 Timothy 2:2.

However, if you don’t find what you are looking for in my site or in other sites, pose your specific question on my comments page. I will be glad to respond within another comment or I may turn your question into a blog entry.

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