Friday, April 06, 2007

He Took Our Pain

I will not be able to post my weekly blog this coming Monday and I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get back to it. My seventeen year old daughter is having eye surgery.

We’re so excited about this eye surgery. My daughter has the same eye defect I do. Three years ago, I had the surgery that had just come out of beta testing. The results were beyond what even the doctors expected. After being declared legally blind all my life, my visual acuity doubled. My daughter has better vision than I have but we are still hoping for a significant improvement. We would appreciate your prayers for her.

I’m not sure how I will react on Monday. Watching your own child go into surgery is difficult for any parent. I remember when she had eye surgery at three weeks old to remove her congenital cataracts. As the surgical nurse took her from my arms, deep gut wrenching emotion filled every fiber of my being. I took a step forward, agonizing inside. I thought, “I’ve had eight eye surgeries as a child. I dread any kind of eye surgery. Yet, my beloved child, I love you so much, if I could spare you the pain, I would go into that operating room for you if that would fix your eyes.”

A stronger wave of emotion hit me. That’s what Jesus did when He died on the cross. Mankind suffered from the disorder of sin. God’s perfect Son went into God’s operating room to fix the problem of sin for us so we would not have to endure the pain of death our sin deserved. Then He rose again, so He could offer us the freedom of new and eternal life. He did this for me. He took the pain for me. And He took it for you. Because He loves us so much.

Have a blessed Easter.


Teresa Dickhoner said...

All my love and prayers!!!!

Crystal Miller said...

I am so looking forward to hearing the reports. So exciting, and I'm praying, praying.

You are an awesome mom, Karen. Thanks for sharing such an intimate thought. It shows the tender-side of God in such a familiar way.