Friday, November 02, 2007

Thanksgiving: What's In Your Wallet?

During the month of November, those of us who live with and work with children will be emphasizing the need to be thankful. It stands to reason that if I’m going to tell children they need to be thankful, that I need to do the same as well. When I’m thankful for all that God is given me, I’ll be better able to model an “attitude of gratitude” and my children will learn best from my example.

So, to help me be more grateful this month, I’m sharing a list of things and people that I’m thankful for this month. Share some from your list in the Comments feature at the bottom of this post:

Who I’m thankful for this week:

1. The clerk who ran out into a cold parking lot without a coat on to bring me my forgotten bag of purchases.

2. The manager at this great restaurant who made me a made to order milkshake including the half size I requested.

3. This kind, caring optometrist who worked with me for an hour to get a glasses prescription just right. He’s prescribing some prescription sunglasses and some glasses just for use at the computer, a first for me. May God bless him richly.

4. My husband who greets me on the telephone with “Hey Beautiful.”

5. An elder at our church who suggested we start a new class for young adults and who volunteered to teach it.

6. My older daughter at college who prefers to spend her time walking to and from classes talking to Mom and Dad on her cell phone.

7. My younger daughter who actually likes to read and talk about my writing.

8. My wonderful sister who is willing to keep working at snags in our relationship.

9. Our church secretary who never gets frazzled no matter how much work is thrown at her.

10. The pharmacist at our drug store who is willing to call my doctor’s office for me to make sure the directions on a prescription are correct.

Do you remember the Capital One commercials that end with “What’s in your wallet?” Well, now it’s your turn. I’ve got a wad of thanks sticking in my wallet of life. What’s in your wallet?


Anonymous said...

I'm thankful for family and friends who still keep in touch after so many ups and downs in my own family's life. I'm thankful to be able to do everyday things (even though I gripe about stuff!), because some people can't do these things. I'm thankful for my parents, and that I have good memories of them. I'm thankful for my family I have now, 'cause I need them more than I think I do. And I do love them. I'm thankful for food, shelter and clothing, and I hope I can learn to be content with that! I'm thankful for a country drive, to see God's creation, which is literally medicine for my soul. I'm thankful for music that glorifies and praises God. I'm thankful that God watches over me and my family day and night. I'm thankful for Salvation, which gives eternal life!

Karen Wingate said...

Great list! I love how specific you are with your list of blessings. I also appreicate that you mentioned your spiritual blessings. Too often we forget those, yet those are our greatest blessings of all.

Thanks for sharing.