Sunday, March 15, 2009

Karen Wingate's Current Projects

Grab a cup of your favorite brew and let’s do some catch-up. Let me fill you in on what I am currently doing in Children’s Ministry and in curriculum writing.

Right now, I’m taking a much needed indefinite sabbatical from teaching Sunday School. It’s been at least six years since I have had a break and I am already appreciating the chance to recharge my spiritual batteries. I’m still teaching in our children’s church program. We’ve done something different the last few months. Using Standard Publishing’s Anytime VBS program, we’ve spread each lesson over two Sundays. Each Sunday we tell the story in a different way. The first Sunday we have games and activities to reinforce the lesson. The second Sunday, we bring in a lady who does a craft with the kids. Our program has grown; last week, we had eleven children! We’re hoping to use this approach again by purchasing one or more VBS starter kits now available then use them throughout the year.

At this time, I’m writing Vacation Bible School material for Standard Publishing’s 2010 cycle. What’s the theme? I can’t tell you but I will tell you that I’m excited about the 2009 Standard VBS called Studio Go! Based on the theme of a game show environment, this game packed material is great for your more active, kinesthetic learners. I like using games in my teaching so I think it’s a great program.

Also, be watching for my three books published by Rainbow Publishing in 2010., three additions to the “Five Minute Sunday School Activities” series. If you need some quick lessons that take little time to prepare, these are the books for you.

I’m at a point in my life where I am moving away from writing curriculum. Two weeks ago, I attended the Florida Christian Writer’s Conference and had the opportunity to speak with several editors. I’m working on rewriting the first three chapters of a novel to then submit to several agents. I also have some writing to do for several magazines and hope to pitch a book idea on leadership to a publishing company soon.

On a personal note: Heaven has gained a wonderful believer in Christ and we have lost a dear member of our family. My 97-year-old grandfather who was, in many respects, a father figure for me, went to be with the Lord this past week. Our family will be gathering in Arizona for his memorial service, so it may be a couple of weeks before I am able to post to this column again.

Until then, keep teaching the children and continue to let them teach you. And keep the coffe can and tea bags handy!

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