Monday, July 27, 2009

Themed Parties For Your Children's Ministry Program

I love new recipes. New recipes promise adventure, change from the routine, and excited anticipation of pleasures to come.

Here’s a children’s ministry recipe for you. Prepare one large room with plenty of space and tables. Gather the following ingredients: one ten-pound bag of potatoes, the children in your children’s ministry program, leftover art supplies, and tasty snacks or main dishes that include – potatoes. Stir them together with several cups of creativity and what do you get? One active, low budget, resourceful children’s ministry event that will have your entire church talking. It’s a Potato Party!

Our congregation sponsored a potato party for our children’s group recently. The price of admission was one potato. Different church members donated food such as Potato Chip cookies and tater tot casserole. The kids used chenille wire and googly eyes to make their own personal Mr. Potato Head and played games such as Hide and Seek with a potato. The final event of the evening was to watch a Veggie Tales movie. We didn’t get to the movie because they were having so much fun hiding and locating their potatoes!

What? No Bible lesson or devotion? Well . . . no. But, while the children worked on the craft, volunteers casually reviewed memory verses learned in Children’s church. The kids got lots of praise and personal attention. They enjoyed strengthening their friendships with kids they don’t see otherwise. And they learned that church can be a fun, creative place where they are loved.

Parties can be an important part of your church curriculum. Parties are a safe place to bring friends. They give kids a chance to build friendships in the church, something that is very important to elementary age children. Events, like a potato party, are easier on the church budget than skating parties or laser tag outings

Now it’s your turn. Create your own party. Pick a topic such as bananas, the color green, a F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely On God) theme, or choose a country like Mexico. Select foods, games, and crafts that fit your theme. Check the Internet for ideas. My favorite site is Family Fun, a great family resource for food, games and crafts. Ask the children to bring something that will pique their curiosity. Viola! You have yourself an inexpensive, fun, easy-to-plan children’s event.

It’s as easy as pie.

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