Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Children's Ministry and Thanksgiving

A friend sent me a cute email this week. It told the story of a man who visited heaven. The angel guide took him first to a large room. “This is the receiving room where prayer requests are received.” Volumes of paper and a large group of scurrying angels worked hard to process all those prayer requests. Then the angel took him to another large room, called the “Packaging and Delivery Room.” In this room, all the blessings people asked for were packaged up for delivery.

The angel took the man down the hall to a final room. Maybe you are already anticipating the end of the story. Yes, this room was quite small. It was the “Acknowledgement Room.” Why so small? Because very few people acknowledged the blessings they had received.

My recent visit with bible students from Central Asia made me aware of how many blessings I have as a Christian educator that I didn’t even ask for, yet God has graciously given them to me. As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I’d like to challenge you. What are you thankful for in your children’s ministry? What can you tell God “thank you” for regarding your church?

Here is my list.
1. Freedom to teach, sing and pray aloud without fear of harassment or arrest.
2. Support of the church leadership.
3. Three fantastic, dedicated women who share the work of Junior Church with me.
4. A cabinet full of supplies – more than just crayons and paper, too.
5. Children who want to learn about God.
6. Children who can read! That makes my job simpler in teaching bible verses. Many children in the world cannot read.
7. A nice big room that serves as our classroom.
8. Wonderful, bible based curriculum.
9. My own good health that allows me to be able to teach.
10. Children who come to church with full tummies, warm clothes and good health.
11. Children, who in spite of all the choices our modern society has to offer that would distract them, have chosen to come to church to learn about Jesus.
12. The stack of Bibles in my room from which children can read for themselves about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them.
13. The training I’ve had to be able to teach these children.
14. A loving supportive family who smiles at my crazy teaching ideas and takes me shopping to get the supplies I need to carry them off.
15. Two children who have come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ in the last six months.

There’s so much more I could add. Now it’s your turn. Leave a comment, telling us what you are thankful in your children’s ministry.

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