Saturday, February 27, 2010

Teaching With Persistence

It took almost thirty years. But Safaa never gave up.

Safaa is a preacher in Egypt. Years ago, he became convicted of the need to preach only what is in the Bible. He has faced much opposition over the years, especially from those in his own denomination who feel he is being heretical. But now, people, churches, even an entire denomination is ready to turn away from historical traditions to embrace New Testament principles and be Christians only.

You can read this exciting account in my article, "Egyptian Churches Move Toward New Testament Principles" ’ in the latest issue of the Christian Standard magazine.

Safaa’s story is inspirational not only to other missionaries. His persistence is a light for any church worker, any Christian for that matter. What we teach might be unpopular. What we teach might have to go through the purifying fire of opposition. Yet, if we stay at it, if we remain faithful, we will see the results.

Do you have a tiny class where kids are too busy playing softball to attend church? Hang in there.

Do you have an ADD disruptive student who foils your best laid plans? Hang in there.

Do people from other departments keep “borrowing” your supplies without returning them? Hang in there.

Do you have controlling co-workers who insist that things be done their way and undermine your work with lies and gossip? Hang in there.

Keep doing what’s right. God will reward you. God sees and He will strengthen you to hang in there. You can do it (Philippians 4:13). Work with the Holy Spirit who resides within you. Make Him your partner and He will ease the burden. (Matthew 11:28-30).

It’s His work, not yours and He cares what is happening to you very much.

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