Tuesday, August 20, 2013

God Is Great Book Giveaway

It's time for a book giveaway.  Come on, children's ministry volunteers! Help me clean out my box of author's copies. This week I'm offering my second book in the series Five Minute Sunday School Activities: God is Great.

Our kids are bombarded with diversity messages.  Relativity reigns!  Any way is the right way if that's the way you want to follow.  Jesus is fine but no better than any other religious figure.  That's what the world wants our children to believe.

And that's why it is increasingly important that we teach our children what makes our God distinctive and more worthy of our attention and devotion than any other thing in this world.  Forty-two lessons in this book portray God as Judge, King and Savior, and will show the children in your life why the Lord God Almighty is worthy of our worship.

I love Rainbow Publisher's series of books entitled "Five Minute Sunday School Activities." Each lesson contains a one-page lesson plan and a reproducible page that reviews the bible story, reinforces the memory verse, or drives home the daily life application.  If you are looking for a series of simple to prepare lessons for Grades 1-6, this material may well fit your needs.

This past spring, Rainbow published three titles that I had the privilege to create. In addition to the "God Is Great" book, I also wrote "Built On A Rock" - 42 lessons on the establishment of the Church, and "Forever Faithful" - 42 lessons about Bible characters who overcame obstacles through God's help.  You can find any of these titles at your local Christian Bookstore, Christianbook.com or Rainbow Publishers.com.
If you would like a chance to own a copy of this curriculum guide, leave a comment or send me an email.  Tell me this: What is the most important thing you think we need to teach children?  Please, INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!! If you are uncomfortable sharing that publically, simply contact me privately through my contact page.

We'll hold a random drawing and announce the lucky winner next week.

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