Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Got a Hug from God This Morning!

I was in a blue funk this morning. That’s what our family calls temporary depression. I felt like I wasn’t important, no one loved me, I was good only for other people’s conveniences and then I was cast aside like a used paper towel. As I walked back from the post office this morning, I felt lower than low. “Does anyone care about me?” I whined to God.

Sometimes God has a way of splashing cold water in our faces to wake us up and see the truth plainly. Other times, He reaches out when one great Divine Hug through the love of His people. As I walked in the house, my husband handed the phone to me. A lady from our church was on the phone asking if she could bring dinner over to us tonight, saying, “I know it’s been a tough week for your family.” I checked my email. Someone had left a sweet comment on one of my blogs, telling of the influence I had been in her life. As I was reading her note, the phone rang. Another church member asked if she could bring some doughnuts over to our family, just “cuz. I don't think this lady knows that doughnuts are my favorite sweet treat.

You have to realize - since my husband's eye surgery, we’ve had very little contact with people over the last week. Many people have offered us transportation but we have not had any visitors or offers of food for the entire week. That’s why I figure those three expressions of love came at just the right moment for me.

So when God brings a name before you and couples it with an idea for a kind deed, act! Do it! You may never know what’s going on in that person’s life. Whether it’s a child in your class, an elderly widow in your church, or a neighbor across the street, they may have needs you don’t even know about and they mnay not necessarily be material needs only. I am perfectly capable of fixing dinner tonight. Instead, they, like me this morning, may just need to know there’s someone out there who loves them, some who needs a hug from God.

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LeAnne Benfield Martin said...

Karen, I've had similar moments when I knew God was reaching out to me--when I desperately needed some encouragement. I'm so grateful for a God who cares that much for us. And I'm glad that these people responded to His prompting for you.